LED Tail Lights - 2 Day Sale -25% Off + Free Shipping

This is the place to get LED lights for your truck at the lowest price possible. We offer a wide range of lights in many shapes, but the LED Running Lights are the most popular. We also offer LED Light Bars and Off Road LED Lights. Longer LED bars are perfect for mounting over the windshield. The low amperage draw as compared to traditional halogen bulbs make them much more efficient and far less of a burden on the vehicle electrical system. Another advantage for trucks is that, when off road, they can stand up to continuous pounding of rough trail conditions. Waterproof? Yes, LEDs feature a much higher resistance to water than traditional lights. They are the new choice in lighting, imagine never having to change a bulb, never having to replace a light. LED lights hey are built to last a lifetime, with most rated for 50,000 hours or more! If you find a lower price anywhere give us a call!