Rockstar Wheels Helps Set Monster Truck World Record

big foot monster truckBob Chandler’s Bigfoot is the original monster truck.

The History of Monster Trucks

In 1979, Bob Chandler officially introduced the first ever monster truck known as Bigfoot. The truck was a 1974 Ford F-250 4 wheel drive pick-up; it was lifted and given tires that were 48 inches in diameter.

It was in 1981 though that monster trucking really picked up steam. In order to promote his 4 wheel drive performance shop, Chandler filmed “Bigfoot” as it drove over and crushed two cars. This video caused a frenzy! Within one year, Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot appeared in film (Take This Job and Shove It) and sold out the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit as the headliner of the world’s first Monster truck rally. 

XD Rockstar Wheels Helps Set a Monster Truck World Record

joe sylvesterJoe Sylvester, the winner of the Young Guns World Championship, trusted in Rockstar Wheels to set his world record.
For decades now, fans have jam packed into arenas across the country to witness American Monster Truck Rallies. Monster truck rallies often take on one of two forms: competition and freestyle events. It was at a recent competitive monster truck rally that Rockstar Rims made headline news.

On September 1st, thousands of onlookers in Columbus, Pennsylvania watched as Joe Sylvester tried to reclaim his throne as the world record holder for longest jump by a monster truck. In 2010, he originally set the record for longest jump at 208 feet, but that was broken earlier this year by about 6 feet.

When asked about losing his world record, Sylvester said, “That doesn’t sit too well with me…I know I can push the limits even further and want to take monster truck distance jumping to a new level.”  On this night, that is exactly what he did by shattering the old world record. His jump went an astounding 237 feet and 6 inches (check out the video to the right).

In order to set the new record, Sylvester launched his 10,000 pound Bad Habit monster truck off of his ramp at approximately 85 miles per hour. What were the wheels that he used to handle the weight, speed, and impact landing? Specially fitted Rockstar Wheels!

jenny mccarthyThe Rockstar Rim is strong, durable, and sexy.
Rockstar Wheels have been gaining a reputation amongst truck drivers for their strength, durability, and style. That is what attracted Young Guns World Champion, Joe Sylvester, to them. Anybody looking for a wheel that will help them do the driving that needs to be done needs to follow Sylvester and choose a Rockstar wheel.

GoogleBy: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 26th, 2013
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