XD Wheels Competing and Winning In the Snow

Once you start pushing your truck to the extremes, you can’t skimp on a quality set of wheels. Factory steel wheels don’t only look boring, but they can’t hold up the stress of hard racing. Recently, XD was able to push their toughest wheels to the maximum threshold at one of the wildest races ever held.

Just a few months ago, Red Bull put on its Inaugural Frozen Rush Race at the Sunday Ricer Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. This race took eight, 900-horsepower 4x4s and put them in a head-to-head race down a mountain. If it sounds scary, it’s because it was.

Most people get nervous about riding a pair of skis down a mountain, but imagine the fear of strapping yourself into a four-wheel drive rocket ship. You would literally be putting your life in the hands of your roll cage, four XD Wheels and a beefy set of BF Goodrich tires. For XD driver Ricky Johnson, it was a highlight of his career.

About Ricky Johnson

After 8 racers dueled it out all day in the snow, it was Ricky Johnson who won the 1st place spot on the podium. The XD racer is no stranger to victory, though. Since he became a professional racer when he was 16 in 1980, the off-road legend has been winning events like the Frozen Rush every year. He has won the Baja 1000 twice (one of the most grueling endurance races in the world) and won seven American Motocross Association (AMA) championships.

Early this year, Johnson was chosen by XD Wheels to be one of their racers in the first ever Red Bull Race down the mountains in Maine. Confident with his abilities, he still didn’t expect to win.

“More than anything I’m honored to be apart of something new,” said Johnson after the Red Bull Frozen Rush to his sponsors. “We’re in a society where guys are jumping out of hot air balloons at the edge of space…how many times do you get to be the first guy to do something? I’m the first one to win Frozen Rush! I’m ecstatic.”

XD Wheels’ Racing History

XD Wheels has a thoroughbred team of hardcore racers. World famous daredevils, Travis Pastrana, Bryce Menzies and freestyle motocross champion Robbie Madison are all world record holders that support XD Wheels’ race teams and products. Most racers even have their own signature wheels.

Since 1982 the California company, which is based in Riverside, California, continually sponsors top riders in the off-road community. In addition to supporting riders, XD has been a main proponent of the Mint 400, race with the cult following in the harsh climate of Las Vegas, Nevada. Similarly to the Baja 1000, the Mint 400 brings in a special breed of hardcore racers to blast through the desert at break-neck speeds. XD regularly holds the contest for “Who’s the Fastest Pit Crew” at the race, where the best mechanics in the world come to spin wrenches and change tires.

XD’s Best Performing Wheels

When the company was originated more than 30 years ago, XD focused on wheels that were affordable as well as durable. All of their wheels were manufactured from steel, but as their company expanded, XD was able to shift their research and design profits to supplying the aftermarket with aluminum wheels.

Because of its lightweight and superior performance, XD only sells aluminum and alloy wheels at this time. The advantages of XD’s aluminum wheels are astounding. Literally the same wheels that Ricky Johnson trusts to take his 4x4 down a ski slope mountain are what enthusiasts can buy from trusted automotive retail stores.

The new XD Wheels have been tested to perform under the most brutal racing conditions known to man. So, whether you’re planning to drive them through an ice storm or an arid desert, you can put your mind at ease because you know your wheels will able to stand the pressure.

Even if you’re not a hardcore racer, it never hurts to check out some new wheels. XD newest lineup includes some chrome and high gloss wheels that look great on the strip or bouncing around an off-road race. So remember when you’re wheel shopping, whichever style you choose, know that if it says XD, you can be sure it can take the abuse.

By Sean Bowes
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