Westin Lights Accessories

Overview: Westin Automotive announced its launch of an LED Lights that includes these LED accessories such as Wiring Kits, Brackets Bar Clamps in different sizes and other light bar mounts. 

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  • Replacement Covers for Large Round Driving Lights
  • Replacement Covers for Large Rectangle Driving Lights
  • Replacement Stone Grid Light Covers for Off-Road Lights


Westin offers LED Light cover accessories in Round,Rectangular, and Grid styles and shapes with different sizes to fit all of your Westin LED Light products.

Westin LED Accessory Kit
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Westin Quartz Off-Road Light Accessories
6 In Quartz-Halogen Off-Road Light Cover (Black Grid Only)
  - 479-WSTN-09-0505C
Price: $28.74 Sale Price: $18.68

6In Quartz-Halogen Off-Road Lights Cover (Chrome Grid Only)
  - 479-WSTN-09-0500C
Price: $44.63 Sale Price: $29.01

Westin Round/Rectangle Light Accessories
Large Rectangle Light (Cover Only)
  - 479-WSTN-09-0405C
Price: $18.82 Sale Price: $12.23

Large Round Logo Light Replacement Cover For 09-0205
  - 479-WSTN-09-0205C
Price: $18.82 Sale Price: $12.23