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Westin Light Bar: "Off Road" style is for mounting driving lights to full size trucks including Silverado, Ram, Ford F-Series and Toyota Tundra and Tacoma. Westin "Off Road" Light Bars feature great off road style whether you are hitting the streets or the trails. Westin Light Bars give you the highest quality and lowest cost. Select a Westin Light Bar and pair it with Westin Driving Lights for a winning combination today! Learn More

Westin Light Bar: "Safari" style is available for virtually ALL small trucks, SUVs and CUVs! Choose a Westin Safari Light Bar to mount fog lights and prevent bumper scuffs. Westin Light Bars and Westin Lights are the easist way to get the look you want AND the night-time driving illumination you need for off road, isolated rural road, twisting mountain road or even city nights! Learn More

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Westin Off Road Light Bars, which are available for full size trucks, mount high into the grille and have mounting tabs for 4 lights for HD trucks and 3 light tabs for mid-size trucks like Toyota Tacoma. These "Off Road" Westin Light Bars are prefect for trail use and can mount a combination of pencil beam driving and fog lights for distant trail illumination and wide terrian illumination. These "Off Road" style Westin Light Bars are also perfectly at home on the street, providing an excellent enhancement to your built up rig's look. Street or trail, Westin Off Road Light Bars are a winner for price and quailty!

Westin Safari Light Bars are the light bar of choice when mounting driving lights on SUVs like Jeep Grand Cherokee, CUVs Like Toyota Highlander and Ford Escape, and light duty trucks like Nissan Frontier or Ford Ranger. "Safari" style Westin Light Bars are a perfect fit for high end brands like Lexus and Acura MDX. These Westin Light Bars feature polished welds for a refined look. Westin Light Bars are the easiest way to get the lights you need for adverse night-time driving conditions. Proper illumination from a pair of Westin Driving Lights mounted on a Westin Light Bar can provide the extra split second of reaction time that can be the crucial difference between a near miss and a collision, be it with another vehicle or wildlife. Choose your Westin Light Bar today and rest assured that we provide the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping!