Rubicon Suspension Lift Kits for your Jeep

Rubicon Express is well renowned the world over for its production of high-tech quality suspension Lift Kits for the Jeep. Whether you’re looking for a Lift Kit for the latest Wrangler JK, Jeep CJ, Cherokee, or grand Cherokee, Rubicon express has it all for you. The 2 to 7.5 inch lift promises you access over off road bumpy areas, heavy ridge areas and even that rocky road.

If you intend to hit the rough road, cruise the rugged terrain or wade over murky waters, the Rubicon Jeep Suspension Lift Kits, will enhance your ride. With over two decades in the Jeep aftermarket industry, Rubicon Express manufacture Suspension Lift Kits for all kinds of Jeeps, and is the best choice, as it tests their accessories in the same kind of environment that you intend to cruise.

The kind of Lift kit that you get is obviously going to be determined by the kind of Jeep you want to enhance. Rubicon Express offers you a wide variety of Jeep Lift Kits and upgrades to choose from.

What are the Lift Kit options for your Jeep?

Extreme Cross member kits, Super-Ride kits, Super-Flex kits; Spacer kits with shocks, long arm upgrade kits are some of the Jeep Lift Kits available. All these options work towards enhancing the performance and look of your Jeep, making your drive more bearable while on rough terrain.

The Jeep is the beast of the wild. Well known for its ability to endure the challenges of rough roads, it is one brand that is meant to give you a thrilling experience behind the wheel. As much as it is strong, your Jeep requires enhancements to make it perform to the best of its ability.

With Rubicon Suspension Lift Kits on your Jeep, clearance for taller wheels, better articulation and a safe ride are some of the things that you should expect. What features do they offer?

Extreme duty Long arm system

Spinning and trail traction are some of the conditions that can be avoided on the rough terrain. Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Long Arm system is a feature that enables you to handle the vehicle better on the road. Due to its efficiency, the long arm suspension system developed for the Jeep TJ is the standard by which the all other industrial Lift Kits have been measured.

The system which is designed to be a complete suspension replacement, utilizes longer control arms to improve lifted suspension geometry thus making the vehicle run better on the road.

Tire size option

Small sized tires can be a nuisance during your ride. After an addition of the Rubicon Suspension Lift Kits to your Jeep, you can replace the tires to a maximum size of 35x12.50. These must be used with SYE kit and C/V drive shaft as the vehicle requires alignment once the kit is installed. Rubicon Express offers you the best Jeep accessories in the market, at affordable prices.

By: James Langston
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