Rock Krawler
RRD Shocks

The RRD Shocks are Rock Krawler’s revolutionary lightweight emulsion shock that breaks away from the ordinary. Rock Krawler takes pride with their RRD Shocks as the fastest cooling shocks in the industry today. Rock Krawler RRD Shocks features an aluminum body that has better cooling capacities over their steel counterpart. The RRD Shocks’ body is easy to clean and has a hard annodized coating for more durability. The aluminum material makes it rust proof for years to come and weights better that steel shocks. This breakthrough Jeep shocks also feature standard industry digressive valving and Nitrotec Steel shock shafts. Minimize shock fade and enjoy more off-road adventures with Rock Krawler RRD Shocks.

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Rock Krawler RRD Shocks Available at Very Low Prices!

Our shop is now offering this top of the line Jeep shocks from Rock Krawler. With its great features and innovative construction it is great to know that Rock Krawler developed their RRD shocks for the average customers. Get premium Jeep shocks at just a fraction of what other high-end brand offers. The Rock Krawler RRD Shocks are designed to be tweaked and modified, giving the off-road enthusiast more capacity to fine-tune the shocks according to his will. It is not surprising that the Rock Krawler RRD Shocks will set the next standards in shock technology with its great improvements over the usual configurations and awesome off-road features that will wow any Jeep owner.

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