Rigid Lights That Will Make Your Road Trip Worthwhile

Rigid Industries LED Lights Jeep
There is nothing as important as being safe on the road. While you are driving during the day, night, through the hailstorm or in snow, it is important that you have lights that will ensure that you do not collide with another vehicle, hit a tree or worse, run over someone. Rigid Industries have come a long way since its inception. The company has in many ways revolutionized LED Lights and LED Light Bars that are currently available in the market. Rigid Industries LED Lights are durable, sharp and reliable lights. They offer efficient brightness whether you are in harsh conditions or not. Here a few options that are perfect for your vehicle.

LED Dome Lights

As the name suggests, these lights feature an oval shaped capsule with a rectangular shaped light inside. Designed for the interior or exterior LED Dome lights that are available in different colors can be installed inside or outside your vehicle. Highlighting aluminum housing the lights casing have a black anodized finish that gives them a flashy look. Accessorizing your vehicle with these lights is definitely a wise decision.

Rigid Industries RDS-Series light bars

RDS Series Light Bars

The Rigid Industries RDS-Series light bars show the design of the original E-Series Light Bar but they are arched. This unique aspect allows wider distribution of light giving you better visibility on the road. The light bars are available in different sizes; 20, 30, 40 and 50 inches, and come at different prices to allow you pick the choice that you can afford. They are mountable on the surface of your vehicle and have a black finish completing the look.

The Rigid Industries A-Series lights

Rigid Industries LED Lights Jeep
Do you feel you need an extra light in any part of your vehicle? Well, The Rigid Industries A-Series Lights are greatly resourceful in that they can be used or attached anywhere you feel you need to have extra light. Additionally, these lights are built of strong material that can withstand extreme conditions. The outer casing is absolutely waterproof meaning that you do not have to worry about replacing it when it heavily rains. These lights are unique in their display and are bound to get you the attention that you deserve.

Rigid Industries E-Series

You’ve probably spotted this one on the front part of most vehicles. The E-Series Light bar can distribute light across different lengths. E2 Series 60 degree diffused, E2 Series Hyper Spot and E2 Series Drive are some of the varieties that distribute light inversely. The lights are available at different prices and consume less power. You do not have to worry about durability as they are housed using strong aluminum material.

Due to their versatility in the market, we cannot fully exhaust the list of lights that Rigid Industries has to offer. The important point to note is that in a bid to meet your needs, they continue to produce quality and affordable LED Lights, mountable options and accessories for your trucks, SUVs and other vehicles.

By: James Langston
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