Pro Comp LED Lights

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The New Explorer LED lights by Pro Comp feature state-of-the-art construction and industry-leading technology to deliver powerful and reliable illumination. Each light bar is comprised of an array of finely tuned LEDs combined into a high-powered, easy-to-mount package. The heat produced by such massive illumination is dissipated by an integrated heat sink system and results in consistent, long lasting performance. Explorer LED lights are completely waterproof, dustproof and available in a variety of lengths for all your application needs.

About ProComp LED Lights

When you need the maximum amount of lighting performance possible, turn to the Explorer LED Lights. These high performance LED Light Bars produce an amazing amount of illumination in a sleek low profile design. Each unit houses precision optics to project the maximum amount of light on your path. Easy to adjust mounts make precise setting of the light angle a snap. Managing the heat produced by the light are the integrated heat-sinks for years of long lasting consistent performance. Each unit is completely water and dust proof so you never have to worry about the elements affecting their performance. Lights are available in a variety of lengths and configurations so you are guaranteed to find the right size for your application needs. Explorer LED lights include IP68 rated wiring harnesses with plug-n-play connectors, relays, fuses, and illuminated switches.