Pro Comp Single Stack Explorer LED Lights

Pro Comp Double Stack Explorer LED Lights

Overview: ProComp provides the maximum lighting amount that you would ever need. The ProComp performance LED Light Bars guarantee a maximum amount of lighting in sleek, extruded, aluminum housing. Universal mounting makes it easy to install and set up light angles precisely. ProComp LED Lights are water and dust proof which makes cleaning up debris and unwanted elements around and inside the lights unnecessary. This feature alone makes it a low maintenance LED light, giving you ease of mind that your ProComp Light sticks with your vehicle for a long time. Lights are available in a wide variety of lengths and different light intensities for you to find the light that’s just right.

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Model Watts LED's Raw Lums Beam Pattern Dimensions
EXP-76306 21.6 6 1920 Flood/Spot/comp 7.625 X 1.164 X 3.327 inches
EXP-76310 43.2 10 3840 Flood/Spot/comp 13.625 x 1.614 x 3.327 inches
EXP-76320 86.4 20 7680 Flood/Spot/comp 25.625 x 1.614 x 3.327 inches
EXP-76330 120 30 11250 Flood/Spot/comp 30 x 12 x 3.32 inches
EXP-76340 129.6 40 11520 Flood/Spot/comp 37.625 x 1.614 x 3.327 inches
EXP-76350 172.8 50 15360 Flood/Spot/comp 49.625 x 1.614 x 3.327 inches


  • Shock Resistant
  • Water Proof
  • 6063 Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • Universal Mounting Type
Pro Comp Double Stack Explorer LED Lights
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