Prestige Rivet
Fender Flares

Prestige Rivet Fender Flares provide an extra coverage on trucks with larger wheel and tire packages. The Rivet Fender Flares come with the stainless steel nuts and bolts which gives the vehicle an industrial and aggressive styling without the hassle of actually drilling to the fenders.

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They are made of heavy duty ABS materials that offer unmatched durability and are also weather resistant. Rivet Fender Flares are contracted for large wheels and tires offering a rugged bolted on look. They are also available with soft rubber gaskets that protect the paint on your vehicle in instances when the flares are in contact.

Prestige's rivet hardware is made of 100% stainless steel and have passed the rust test under strong acidic water. Prestige Rivet style flares update your vehicle with an awesome wide-body look and shield your vehicle from road debris. The extra width of the flares is also a great and quick fix for covering the rusted fenders.

  • Distinguished Styling: Prestige offers the best looking fender flares for the serious truckers that also need durability.
  • Superior Quality: No shortcuts, compromises, or sacrifices: how Prestige has become known for amazing product quality and competitive value! Their Limited Lifetime Warranty validates their commitment to superior quality with a long life expectancy.
  • Standard or Texture Finished: All Prestige fender flares are available in both standard and texture finishes. Don’t forget to check out the super exclusive texture finish!
  • No Drilling Required: That's right, no drilling is required for installing any Prestige fender flare!
  • 100% ABS Plastic: Offering optimal performance and and superior quality, they use 100% ABS plastic, which also happens to be the OE preferred material.