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Pit Bull Tires Now 30% Off Plus Free Shipping! Pit Bull Tires is in the business of building one-of-a-kind rugged off-road tires that go the distance; mud-deep and rock-hard. Pit Bull LT radial tires feature scalloped shoulder lugs, aggressive tread designs that employ their 'Tear It Up'® technology, Over-the-Shoulder tread lugs, integrated sidewall protectors, and alternating multi-varied tread blocks for increased traction, noise reduction and a smooth ride. Pit Bull radial tires have the great look of their bias champoin cousins with a more road-friendly demeanor. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Pit Bull Truck Tires
Pitbull Tires
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Over the years, they have developed into one of today’s top tire companies in the United States. They’ve solidified this position by teaming up with Scott McFarland and his up-and-coming racing team, High Point Off-Road Racing. Between the two, they’ve made great showings at some of today’s most exicting and legendary off-road venues. Check out the full scoop here.
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Pit Bull is a tire brand that is all about aggressive road performance. It’s evident in their rugged tread profiles, their tire sizes and even the name of the company. One look at these tires and you can tell that this company means business: serious off road business. And wait till you hear the name of their tread technology; ‘Tear It Up’ technology!

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Since its inception, Pit Bull Tires has been nothing short of a phenomenon. With a name like "Pit Bull", they knew they had a lot to live up to. The Pit Bull Tires parent company has been in the same family for almost 70 years and because Pit Bull Tires is an American family-owned business, they do their best to have all Pit Bull products designed & made here in the United States. It costs more money, but it saves jobs…and it is Pit Bull Tires belief that if they all look out for one another, then everyone wins. They are willing to spend more money to have their tires produced in the United States, and they feel that many Americans feel the same way.

Along the same lines, Pit Bull Tires believes in supporting those who defend our freedom and wish to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all those men and women who are currently serving or have served our country in the past. Without you the world wouldn't be the same.

Pit Bull Tires believes in Freedom, the Constitution including the Right to bear arms and Freedom of speech. We firmly believe that every person needs to live by the Golden Rule and be accountable for their words and deeds regardless of circumstances. These are the things they try to live by and this is how Pit Bull Tires tries to run their business.

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