Performance Accessories Body Lift Kits for Jeep

Performance Accessories Jeep Body Lift Kits

If you are looking for a Lift Kit of Body Lift for your Jeep, look no further. Performance Accessories makes great Jeep Lift Kits. Plus we sell these Jeep Lift Kits at Lower Prices. With more than 20 years experience in the off-road industry, Performance Accessories continues to set the standard for truck and SUV body lifts. They prototype every kit themselves to develop a product you know will fit your truck. Performance Accessories is dedicated to quality control, so nothing but the finest materials go into their kits: high grade reinforced nylon lift blocks, grade 5 zinc plated hardware, gold zinc plated brackets and custom machined splined steering shaft extensions - these components long with their new easy-to-follow installation instructions make up the most complete kits on market. Performance Accessories zinc plating line means the brackets they fabricate will not rust. To ensure that every machined part is correct they utilize state of the art CNC equipment. Performance Accessories molds their own lift blocks for Jeep vehicles resulting in the absolute best quality.

Off-road enthusiasts’ main reason why they choose to use and buy leveling kits to provide enough wheel clearance on their Truck/SUV is certainly because of its cost. But most leveling kits are not enough to move up to a larger set of 35-inch tall tires. In fact, leveling kits only lift the truck an inch or two. To do so, the truck needs about a minimum of four inches of lift. That’s why Performance Accessories have provided the most affordable and smartest solution for truck and SUV owners with these new Premium Lift Systems. It is a combination of Performance Accessories’ Body Lift, Leveling Kit, and Gap Guards. Premium Lift Systems are the most economical way to raise your Jeep vehicle between 5-6 inches. It delivers the most lift for money of any lift solution offered today! Premium quality and appearance, without the premium price tag! Premium Lift System comes with the Performance Accessories’ shatterproof nylon body mounts, grade-8 hardware, a pair of billet front spring spacers, and a unique CNC machined steering adapter. Premium Lift system also contains black powder coated mounting hardware, thread locker, and a set of Performance Accessories' urethane Gap Guards.

These Performance Accessories’ front and rear bumper raising brackets are made available for some models to be able to raise bumper back up to the vehicle's body, and do away with that unsightly gap normally associated with body lifts.