Oracle Lights Replacement Xenon Bulbs

Quality OEM Replacement Xenon HID Bulbs

Oracle offers factory replacement xenon bulbs that are well-designed to work for your safety. Oracle’s Xenon HID bulbs are manufactured to replicate the specifications and function of the original HID Bulbs compared with ordinary replacement bulbs that are dangerous because of their geometry. Available in different specifications, these replacement bulbs from Oracle can also save you money compared to the price and service fee of original replacement factory bulbs. Do not settle for cheap substandard Xenon HID replacement bulbs for your vehicle which causes blindness to other drivers on the road. Invest for your and others’ safety. Each Oracle replacement bulbs are backed up by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Oracle Digital Xenon HID Ballasts
The Oracle Difference

Oracle also offers optional AC Ballasts that convert and regulate incoming electricity to your bulbs. Using AC ballasts makes the lights more stable, efficient with faster start-up and it also make the bulb’s life longer.