Oracle LED Work Lights

Quick Info
  • Low Heat Dissipation
  • Shock Proof Element
  • Energy Efficient Light
  • 120° Wide Floodlight
  • Quality Bridgelux LED
More Info

LED Work Lights

These LED work lights are highly versatile and delivers a bright light output with minimized power consumption, compared to halogen floodlights. When paired with a handle or stand, they become very sufficient work/shop lights making them light and portable.

For a security measure, these LED lights can be upgraded with a motion sensor attachment, instantly illuminating a dark alley or area where light is absent. Cast Aluminum housing design renders this compact sized floodlight Weatherproof & Fireproof, CE Certified, and ROHS Compliant.

Ideal for small garages, patios, backyards, gazeboes and greenhouses. Also available in bronze finish upon request.

LED Light Advantages

  • High efficiency eco-friendly Bridgelux LEDs only consume 1/10th the power of a traditional halogen lamp
  • LED lamps do not put out any heat while halogen get so hot that they can actually burn and cause injury
  • Bridgelux LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use, that is 8x longer than a standard halogen bulb
  • ORACLE Shop Lights feature premium Bridgelux LEDs which are powerful, high quality chips MADE IN THE USA!
  • These Solid-State lights are shockproof and will not go out if jarred or vibrated like a halogen bulb would
  • ORACLE LED Light housings are rated for outdoor use and can be used in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions

Handheld LED Work Light

Oracle LED Handheld Work Light is designed to provide flexible lighting for either work or recreation.It has a rechargeable battery and can be used as a handheld light or as a stand-alone light source.Adjustable magnets, allow the light to be placed in versatile areas.Rechargeable LITHIUM Battery Lasts a VERY long time on a single charge. Heavy duty construction and extremely durable.