Oracle LED Strip

Oracle LED Strip Features
  • Sold by Foot or 200" Spools
  • 1.5W Per Foot
  • Direct 12V Wiring
  • 1965 Weatherproof Rating
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • IP33 Weatherproof Rating
  • Non-Waterproof (Flex)
  • Lifetime Warranty
More Info

ORACLE Flexible LED Strips are a great way to accent any project with brilliant LED illumination.

Our LED strips come with a self-adhesive 3M backing installed for ease of installation and these amazing strips are extremely efficient and draw very little power. These strips can be placed just about anywhere that the laws of physics allow.

A. 3' Retail LED Strip The Retail set includes 3' feet (36'') of waterproof LED strip. Strip can also be cut down into smaller sizes. Ideal for over the counter sales. Easy install makes this the ideal strip for enhancing your automobile's look. Strip is waterproof, and comes with a 3M adhesive for indoor or outdoor applications. Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

B. Color-Shift RGB Strip The ColorSHIFT RGB Waterproof SMD Strip is a color changing strip that includes a remote and controller. This package includes 200'' of our high powered 5050 SMDs. Strip can be controlled within a radius of approximately up to 100' feet.User can select from a variety of up to 10 solid colors as well as built in presets. Strip includes 3M adhesive backing and it is easy to install. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

C. ORACLE 5050 SMD Strip The ORACLE 5050 SMD strip is excellent for applications that require high luminosity. This strip contains high powered 5050 SMDs. 12V Universal Application lets you easily install to your vehicle's wiring. Strips can be cut down to specific sizes. Includes ORACLE Lifetime Warranty.

D. ORACLE Concept 5050 RGB Strips (Pair) New from ORACLE Lighting are the Concept 5050 RGB Strips! You can now have limitless color effects added to a stylized DRL or Custom Headlight application. These premium, super bright 5050 SMDs are attached to a rigid but flexible straight PCB board allowing for bending and curving without the risk of fragmenting.

E. ORACLE Concept SMD Strip 2 16'' Semi-Rigid High Powered SMD Strips. The uniform intensity gives any project that "high end"look. Each strip contains over 140 SMDs. SMDs on strip are in a continuous pattern, no gaps. Strip can be cut down to desired size. 1 Year Warranty.

F. Sidestrike Strip The light output on these strips display sideways instead of forwards. Meant to be placed in areas where you don't want the led strip to be visible, but want the light to peak through. Good for tight areas and small enclosures. ORACLE SideStrike strips come in a single strip cut to the customer's specified length. Customer can cut strips to fit their needs. 3M Adhesive backing for EASY installation. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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