Oracle G.O.B.O Light Projectors

G.O.B.O Light Projector Features
  • Made from Premium Materials
  • Increased Visibility during night
  • Low Heat Output
  • Improved Light Dispersal
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhance the appearance of your Vehicle
More Info

ORACLE G.O.B.O. Door LED Projectorsallows you to project your favorite car logo with style. The G.O.B.O. or “Go Between Optics” is a technology that uses a light source to project an image. And since this product uses LED light, the projected logo is crisp and detailed. The housing for the Oracle G.O.B.O. LED Door Light Projector is small but packs a strong light with little heat.

The Oracle G.O.B.O. displays your chosen predefined logo vividly on any floor surface. Get more heads turning to your ride when you open the door with G.O.B.O.. Each kit includes 2 LED Projectors and 1 Hole Saw install tool for easy and proper installation.