Off Camber Fabrications

Off Camber Fabrications

Looking to revamp your Jeep? Well, Off Camber has a wide range of fabrications for you. These fabrications are the latest innovations by MBRP. They include JK Rock Rail Kits, JK Cargo Basket kits and more. All these camber fabrications are designed to offer the ultimate functionality and style. The JK Rock Rail Kit comes with a unique 3/16' steel plate. What is more, it does not require welding. It also boasts heavy, full-sized steel tubing. Off Cmaber also have a unique off-road tail, which delivers quality exhaust note and improved horse power spin. The tail comes with a lifetime warranty. Note that shipping of all off camber fabrications is free. SHOP NOW AND SAVE MORE TODAY!

Off Camber Fabrications by MBRP featuring JK Rock Rail Kit, Off-Road Tail Pipe-Muffler before Axle T409, JK Cargo Basket Kit-Black Coated. Provided with ultimage functions and styles; JK Rock Raik Kit:3/16' Plate Steel, No "Welding" requires, Mandrel Bent Heavy Gauge Full Length Steel Tubing, Included All installation instruction ;Off-Road Tail: Delivers rich and mellow exhaust note, common hand tools installed, Boosted Horse power torque and T409 stainless steel with Lifetime Warranty; JK Cargo Basket: 1.25' Tubular Steel Construction, Simple bolt installation, Fits Our 2 and 4 Door Roof Rack Systems with or Without the Front Rack Extension.

Off Camber Fabrication by MBRP inc. deliver high-quality products and the most resposiveness in customer. Exhaust systems are all manufactured and created with same exacting specs regardless of material grades. All kits were designed to fit in many configurations, easy bolt designs makes MBRP's Off camber fabrication installer friendly to all users aside of that MBRP provides clear, detailed and additional support knowledge to our customer with our technical support staff.

What is the difference between T304 and T409 Stainless? T304 stainless steel will not oxidize or rust, it can however develop a golden color when exposed to high heat over time. T409 stainless steel has a fair amount of ferrous material in it and can show surface oxidization after some time, especially when exposed to road salt. This can be prevented by applying a stainless steel cleanser using a scouring pad. If you are concerned about long-term appearance, you should get the T304 system. If you are more concerned about the price, but want something that is more durable than aluminized steel, then the T409 system would be the system of choice.

WHAT DOES "OFF - ROAD" MEAN? An "Off-road" system is designed to deliver all out power gains. These systems make no provisions to retain the factory catalytic converter. Some jurisdictions do not allow the removal of your vehicle's catalytic converter therefore they can only be legally used off of the highways.

WILL YOUR SYSTEMS FIT TO A DUALLY TRUCK? All of our exhaust systems will fit dual rear wheel (dually) trucks. We do recommend that tips be installed to extend the exhaust and avoid any discoloration of your vehicle.

WHICH WAY SHOULD I INSTALL THE MUFFLER? The muffler on the single diesel exhaust systems should be installed to allow the exhaust gasses to flow smoothly over the louvers on the muffler core. If the muffler is installed so that the louvers catch the exhaust gases it will increase resonance levels inside the vehicle.

WHAT STYLE OF MUFFLER IS USED? The muffler used on all of our diesel systems is a straight flow through design with a spiral louver core. The muffler is packed with stainless steel wool which is then wrapped with a ceramic fiber blanket. This combination creates the deep mellow exhaust note that MBRPinc. systems are known for. Our Performance Gas systems use a variety of high flow muffler designs utilizing the same spiral louver core design as our diesel mufflers or tuned chamber designs specific to the application intended.