Nifty Xtreme Catch All

Serious floor protection for extreme conditions - that's Nifty Catch-All XtremeTM. Made of XynetTM, a custom-molded thermoplastic material, Catch-All Xtreme is resistant to water, snow, mud, grease and chemicals, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against cracking, splitting or breaking.

When Nifty released the Catch All, they noticed people loved the idea as well as the product, but for those who were constantly in the mud, snow, grease, or other places that were heavily dirty, it just wasn't enough. Then they came out with Catch All Xtreme floor mat, and never had that issue again. These floor mats are custom molded for all vehicles, to give maximum area coverage for protection all over. These Floor Mats also include the patented snap fastener to ensure the stay in place under your feet.

With the pairing of Nifty products and Lund, these Xtreme Catch-All Floor Mats got an extra seal of approval. Already a great, quality product, there was no reason for Lund to do anything to them except include their name to the product and help back it up and assure consumers they are making the best choice by choosing Nifty Xtreme Catch-All's.