M.O.R.E. Rock Proof Bumpers

Fortify your ride and get heavy-duty defenders for your Jeep fenders with M.O.R.E. Rock Proof Bumpers. These bumpers deliver excellent trail protection without compromising your ride’s overall appearance. Made from tough 3/16’’ steel plate, Rock Proof Bumpers are built tough and uses state-of-the-art manufacturing process like CNC machining, MIG welding and DA sanding to ensure rock solid dependability. Each Rock Proof Bumper comes in black powder coat finish and bare-steel or no finish for those who want to custom-paint their bumper.

Available in the following styles: classic flat, stubby style that’s ideal for trimmed fenders, and high clearance with wings design. All are designed to follow the shape of the Jeep to give it full protection and high clearance. Choose from our wide array of Rock Proof Bumpers for different Jeep applications. For that worry-free extreme off-roading and rock-crawling adventure, there is nothing like doing it the M.O.R.E. way.