M.O.R.E. Hide-A-Step

Lowest Price On M.O.R.E Hide-A-Step

Getting in and out of a truck with elevated ground clearance can be a great challenge, especially if it does not have the right side steps. That’s why M.O.RE has created a set of Hide-A-Step kits that you can install on your truck. These kits are special in a number of ways. For starters, they are flexible particularly because they can work with or without your factory side steps. Secondly, it’s very easy to disconnect your Hide-A-Step as you prepare for your rock crawling expeditions; you simply pull off the two pins and you are good to go.

The new Hide-A-Step kit from M.O.R.E is engineered to lower itself up and down by design, ensuring that it is always out of the way to avoid any kind of obstruction. It is a convenient and simple add-on for your truck designed to make every ride hassle-free and enjoyable. Furthermore, the side step kit is made of tough steel with a class 4 zinc cover to enhance its durability. This accessory is highly resistant to corrosion and impact caused by rocks. With the easy detachment option, you can always remove your Hide-A-Step kit when you are on off-road terrains to avoid damage.

If you wish to disconnect your M.O.R.E Hide-A-Step kit, you simply remove the two pins connecting it to the stand. This task doesn’t require any specialized technique or equipment; you just pull the pins out using your bare hands. It’s also easy to install as you just need to insert the two pins into the mounting holes. While factory side bars are known to cause obstruction to the door, the single side step gives the door enough space to freely open and close since it retracts beneath the door all by itself. You can get a single kit or a complete set for each door.

Minor drilling may be required on 4wheelers / rear door applications. This does not fit aftermarket sliders.