M.O.R.E. Dead Pedals

Rest Your Foot with M.O.R.E. Dead Pedals

While most cars today come with their own built-in dead pedals, M.O.R.E has a wide range of pedals that you can install in your vehicle. Although the dead pedal does not perform any specific role in a car, it offers a number of significant benefits to the driver. Firstly, it offers a comfortable place for the driver to rest their foot. When you place your feet on the floor of your car for a long time, you end up with severe fatigue. M.O.R.E Dead Pedals offer an inclined stand on which you can rest your foot while you drive.

M.O.R.E. has a new product for enhancing your comfort level while driving your Jeep TJ. This new easy bolt-in Dead Pedal helps with leg fatigue that many of us get while driving when you do not have a place to support your foot, or help brace yourself while wheeling. This design allows you to place the dead pedal in the best position, requires minor drilling, and comes powder coated black