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Mamba Wheels

Mamba Wheels 40% Off Plus Free Shipping! Mamba wheels are quality aftermarket wheels built for both street and off road vehicles. These wheels have been in productions for decades showing that they have mastered what off road drivers require from their wheels. Even though they are designed specifically for off road activities, they can also be used for normal driving in the city. They are available in several different styles including the Mamba M1X wheels, Mamba MR1X wheels, Mamba M2X wheels, Mamba M12 wheels and Mamba M13 wheels. All these wheels styles come in black, chrome or machine finishes that can match perfectly with most vehicles. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Mamba Wheels manufactures wheels for both off road and street use. They are therefore designed with both a classy appeal and a performance focus. Not only do they look good and work well, they also do so for an extended period. This is made possible by the careful choice of material used on them. Mamba wheels are constructed using 6061 aluminum. Read More...
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The kind of construction that Mamba wheels go through is what makes them capable of giving excellent performance on streets and off-road terrain as well. This means they can be fitted onto SUVs, street cars and trucks as well. They are made using 6061 aluminum which is a preferred aluminum alloy that is known for its strong characteristics.

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Mamba rims are all about quality and design, two key features that will make your off road adventure smooth and memorable. The quality of these wheels is evident when you set eyes on them. You will not see any pressed-in bolts, weak hardware or cheap plastic caps. All the additional accessories on the wheels including the centre caps are made from 6061 aluminium for ultimate off road strength. 6061 aluminium is a special for of aluminium that is heat treated to make it stronger. These wheels also have the diamond-cut protective clear coat that gives your car a stylish and upgraded look. All the different sizes, styles, bolt patterns and offsets of these wheels are designed with the off road enthusiasts in mind.

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