Leading the LED Light Revolution: Rigid Industries

photon torpedo

If photons are cool enough to blow up Klingons,
they’re cool enough for anything

The last time I heard the word ‘photon’ I think it was being used on Star Trek… wasn’t Kirk always telling Sulu or Chekov to fire the photon torpedoes? Anyway, if photons are cool enough to blow away Klingons then they’re cool enough for me.

Electrons and photons are what make LED lights work, but let’s not talk about them because they are far too complicated. Instead I’ll just say that LED lights are better than old-style lights and that Kirk killing Klingons is cool. Therefore photons are cool.

Although Kirk was banging on about photons in the 1960s it wasn’t until the late 1980s that LED lights were used in the automotive industry, and then it was for rear facing warning lights.

LED Lighting Begins to Make its Mark

e10 light system

Rigid Industries’ 10” E-Series light
bar ready for action on a Jeep

LEDs didn’t get much more of a look in until 2006 when Audi started to think about adding strips of small LED lights under their vehicles’ main headlamps. A technology it debuted the following year in what has since become an Audi styling trademark.

In fact 2006 was a good year for LED pioneers because not only were Audi developing its system, but young American company Rigid Industries was developing the LED light bar, which it released later that same year – an industry first.

Since then LED lighting has rapidly become a popular method of vehicle lighting. Rigid Industries has remained at the forefront of LED lighting having developed the technology first and thereafter continued to innovate.

Rigid Industries Becomes the Leader in LED Lighting

light up the night.jpg

Turning night into day with a couple of
Rigid Industries’ E-Series light bars

Rigid Industries’ first light bar was the E-Series, developed for off-road drivers who didn’t want to give up the trails just because the sun had set. Combining bulletproof construction and dazzling bright LED light, the E-Series light bars set new records for illumination and continue to do so today. For example the 4” light bar casts an industry-leading 1,680 raw lumens at just 16 watts – and that’s just the 4” model, imagine what the 50” model is capable of! (If you must know it throws out 21 thousand raw lumens!)

Today Rigid Industries produces the E-Series, SR-Series (single row), M-Series (marine), R-Series (aviation) and A-Series (accessory), as well as LED grilles, interior lighting, flashlights and other lighting accessories.

Rugged and dependable Rigid Industries’ LED lights are the right choice for Jeeps, pickups, ATVs and UTVs, even farming equipment and police and fire rescue vehicles.

By John Bone

Posted on September 19th, 2013
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