JKS Manufacturing Jeep Suspension

JKS Manufacturing Jeep Suspensions

JKS Jeep Suspension Kits On Sale Plus Free Shipping! JKS Manufacturing Inc is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket performance enhancing parts for your Jeep. The different products produced by JKS manufacturing are superior and give your vehicle improved performance for both on the road and off-road driving. Some of the benefits added by these components include protecting the rocker panel from damages to improving the vehicle’s suspension for improved traction. These improvements give you a better experience, improved handling, and performance of your Jeep. Unlike other performance enhancers that compromise vehicle reliability and drivability, these ones do not as they utilize the original components and technology in your vehicle.

JKS Manufacturing Inc manufactures various parts that include Body & Motor Mount Lifts, Coil Spring Suspension, Disconnects, Leaf Spring Suspension, Protection Components, Shock Mounting Components, Steering & Brakes, Swaybar Components, Trackbar Components and FAB Parts. All JKS products are manufactured in the USA using quality materials. All these components are made with quality materials and are well tested before leaving the factory to ensure they are reliable and long lasting. This reliability and durability is what makes most Jeep owners choose JKS products for their cars every time.

More About JKS Manufacturing Products

  • Quality


    JKS products are proudly manufactured in the USA from premium grade materials and CNC machined, ensuring unsurpassed quality and proper fitment. Where strength and reliability simply cannot be compromised, robotic welding provides flawless results with absolute precision.
  • Flexibility


    Change is inevitable. It happens everywhere...to everyone...and everything. It's only natural to expect your Jeep to change too! Many JKS products are adjustable to compensate for vehicle changes. This allows you and your Jeep the flexibility to grow and provides unique vehicle tuning capabilities.
  • Longevity


    Premium quality grease fittings are utilized on many JKS products, allowing convenient lubrication of critical parts to minimize friction and maximize longevity. All standard zerk-type grease fittings feature protective caps to keep the zerk fitting clean and prevent grease contamination.
  • Upgrade or Aftermarket?

    Contrary to popular opinion, many aftermarket products sold as performance parts are not actually upgrades at all! They may look great on the shelf, and the prices might be tempting, but they simply don't provide the performance benefits that REALLY matter off-road.

    Countless Jeep owners have learned this the hard way after hastily replacing Original Equipment (OE) components only to find that performance suffered as a result.
  • JKS Products Deliver!

    JKS only manufactures products that provide unquestionable benefits to vehicle performance. From increasing suspension travel for better traction, to protecting the rocker panels from certain destruction, JKS products improve the experience of owning and operating a Jeep vehicle.

    And because JKS products take advantage of Original Equipment components and technology whenever possible, vehicle drivability and reliability are not compromised.
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