Factor 55

Factor 55 products are produced and made using the latest technologies. Factor 55 products are designed using SolidWorks CAD systems and the material stress is scrutinized by using COSMOS Finite Element Simulation software.

The Finite Element Analysis results allow Factor 55 to make the most of a design concept by adding or removing material or changing material properties where necessary.

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People who do off roaders have smartlyknown for years that the most secure way to use the recovery winch is replace the old unsafe and weak hook with a strong and safe common screw pin shackle. Factor 55 offers you a strong screw pin shackle.

Unless you are in a competition and ther the added seconds required to use a shackle versus a hook during a vehicle recovery then it is not clearly worthy of the safety risk associated with standard winch hooks for your vehicle. Get a Factor 55 Product and enjoy a safe and strong recovery winch for your vehicle.