Rigid Industries - Brilliant LED Light & Bulletproof Tough

baja desert green

Uncompromising terrain by Mother Nature,
bulletproof light bars by Rigid Industries

Going 117mph at night, with rocks, ditches and dirt berms all around, the last thing you want is your lights to fail. Which is why pro drivers in the SCORE Baja 1000 and Lucas Off Road Racing Series look to Rigid Lights to supply them with the lights and light bars needed to compete in the most grueling off-road races in the world.

Why do these top drivers choose Rigid Industries? Because it is the industry leader in LED lighting solutions and its equipment is the absolute toughest around. Just ask Baja Class 1 driver Mikey Childress who was doing 117mph when he hit a dirt berm (not because of a light failure) and wrecked his truggy in spectacular fashion.

Not too much was left intact on the vehicle, but the Rigid Industries 20” light bar, despite having taken a vicious impact that bent it 15 degrees, still worked fine after the dust had settled! Watch the short video to the right to see for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqEXg9Zpa7Q

Rigid Industries - The Brightest Lights in the Industry

50 e-series road

The 50” E-Series will illuminate
up to 5,000’ of roadway

Rigid Industries was the first company to concept and produce the E-Series LED light bar in 2006, and since that time it has led the way in developing new LED technology. It continues to produce LED light systems generating the highest raw lumens of any brand on the market.

To put that into perspective, even Rigid Industries’ smallest E-Series light bar, the 4”, is capable of illuminating 1,500’ of terrain, while the largest (the 50”) can illuminate over 5,000’.

Bulletproof Durability and Dependability

Besides making the brightest lights available, Rigid Industries also makes its lights the toughest. Its LED lights are rigorously tested to survive vibration, corrosion, submersion and dust. If that wasn’t enough Rigid Industries also put its LED light bars against hammers, chop saws, drills, baseball bats, welding torches and even bullets, before dragging them around behind a truck… and the lights still continue to work!Seeing is believing so watch Rigid Industries’ lights being tortured in the video (below) to know just how bulletproof they really are.

Rigid Industries’ LED lighting systems for trucks, Jeeps, ATVs and UTVs, farm vehicles and boats all feature the unbeatable combination of being the brightest LED lights available built to the very toughest construction standards. Rigid Industries’ lights are the only ones you will ever need. 4WheelOnline , an authorized Rigid Industries Dealer offers all Rigid Lights.

By John Bone

Posted on October 2nd, 2013
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