Airaid Air Intakes Jeep

Airaid Air Intake Systems are high-quality intake system custom-made for each Jeep applications to provide an excellent fit, superior durability and exceptional performance. Each intake system offers higher airflow ratings and an impressive filtration to ensure engine protection. It feeds your engine the cleanest and denser air to improve the overall performance of your Jeep. It installs without modifications and comes with a low-restriction intake tube, premium air filter and quick-fitting air box. Airaid Air Intake System is covered by an exclusive "No-Hassle" lifetime warranty.

Jeep Cherokee
From $ 334.39
Jeep Commander
From $ 356.15
Jeep JK
From $ 353.19
Jeep TJ
From $ 283.19

AIRAID provides a dramatic improvement over factory air intake systems. Increased airflow of up to 20% and gains of over 15HP are common. AIRAID installs in 30 minutes with common hand tools, with no cutting, drilling or fabrication. AIRAID Intake Systems' unique inlet track and filter combination is substantially less restrictive when compared to production type OEM airboxes. In fact, air flow/cfm (cubic feet per minute) is dramatically improved up to 20% with our intake systems. The higher your engine's air flow, the greater its efficiency and horsepower output will be. Airaid's dyno-testing has resulted in gains as high as 18 horsepower, with no other changes or modifications!