Wrangler - Volant Cold Air Intake

Being the best manufacturer of a high quality intake system, Volant didn’t shortcut their high standard process in producing intake system when it came to most admired Jeep Wrangler. Even if Wrangler is already capable of delivering a great performance, modification can still be done to improve its horsepower. Feeding your Wrangler extra airflow is one of the best ways to upturn its power. Volant Cold Air Intake was designed to insure that the engine is supplied all it needs to improve its horsepower as the same time, gets the fuel economy improved and last for a longer time.

For these Wrangler kits, Periscoop is utilizing Volant’s filter which has a well sealed airbox and high-quality air intake tube. This air fliter box cover comes with a hood seal adaptor that serves as air funnel from hood-bolted snorkel which passes through the jeep’s passenger side to the top. This snorkel looks appealing with its well polished aluminum front cover. It helps on preventing huge dirt from passing through the air intake system. Volant made this Periscoop work with 2007 to 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK.