The Best Suspension Lifts from Rubicon Express

About the Company

Rubicon lift kite are the nest for jeeps
Rubicon Express was founded in 1996 and has always been dedicated to manufacturing various products for off-road enthusiasts. Around the industry, they are renowned for their high quality suspension lift and drive train products, which are crafted using advanced technology. Rubicon Express is extremely proud to be one of the top producers in after-market Jeep world.

Production Process

Rubicon Express currently produces the best tested and proven Jeep suspension lifts, which are distributed globally via aftermarket parts retailers such as Rubicon’s present release is built with advanced technology that meets the needs of the daily driver. Rubicon uses a pair of light Racings nitrogen gas charged bumps, which have great features including reconstructable and serviceable body parts, rebound controls, adjustable compression, nitrogen charge and oil fill levels.

Rubicon lift kite are the nest for jeeps
It is further built with Extreme Duty mono tube shock particularly for Jeeps to deliver excellent control while not compromising the high speed stability, comfort and quality for the toughest terrain and extended trips. Furthermore, Ford Super Duty system provides you with durability, control and best ride quality.

Easy installation

The Rubicon suspension lift is easy to install and is built with Light Racing Jounce Shocks that function as secondary suspension for enhanced bottom protection during landings or hard impacts. It gives improved stability while cornering that is common with off-road and high speed driving. The system also gives an extra level of stability and comfort in slow speed situations and has a pair of designed billet aluminum mounted on the front which replaces the factory bump.

Rubicon lift kite are the nest for jeeps
However, you should ensure that the technicians are certified to install the suspension lifts. This is because an attempt to install the suspension without experience may interfere with your vehicle’s safety. Some of the required tools for the installation include basic mechanic hand tools, spring compressor and Jack stands and Jack floor.

Road handing

Suspension system or component can improve your off-road performance and hence perform differently on and off road compared to when it was got from the factory. Therefore, It is important for you to drive carefully to prevent vehicle rollover particularly during sudden cornering. With the Rubicon Express suspension, road handling especially in normal road driving conditions is unaffected. However, when the road is slippery and there is a lot of cornering, you can feel the added stability as the Jeep feel more like a port car. In order to improve on the road handling capabilities, Rubicon Express has continued to design as well as manufacture unsurpassed suspension system that meets the needs, budget and wants of your Jeep. By: James Langston
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