Smittybilt UFO
LED Light

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Smittybilt U.F.O. (Universal Flashing Object) LED Safety Lights feature a waterproof and high-strength plastic body that will keep it safe. And also comes with lanyard loop which allows the UFO to be hung as an indicator while on trail. These lights are the best and safest emergency flare to use. They are also visible for up to a mile and containing an emergency flash mode to catch attention.

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More About Smittybilt U.F.O LED Safety Lights

Smittybilt U.F.O. LED Safety Lights are EASY on the ENVIRONMENT. These UFO LED Safety Lights replace the traditional flares that cause accidnetal fires and fumes. Traditional incendiary flares cannot be simply turned off once ignited. That is why this is said to be the safest emergency flare to use.

Smittybilt U.F.O. LED Safety Lights are powered by CR123 lithium battery with a storage life of up to 1 year and has a running time of up o 100 hours. Also, they are recommended to be kept in the vehicle at all times. Storage temperature of -400F to 2120 F.

All Smittybilt products are made of the best and highest quality of materials. Expect great performance, product longevity and impressive strength from the vehicle parts and accessories that they offer.