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Rugged Ridge Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Rugged Ridge features wheels and other accessory collection that will add style and functionality to your vehicle. Choose an application below and give any Jeep that unique look with better designs and stylish accessories.

Rugged Ridge Wheels enhance the look and performance of Jeep vehicles. These are designed with a Hub-Centric style that centers the wheel over the hub. The benefits you can get from using this product provides better fit and prevents wheel vibrations. This also gives proper clearance for the Jeep's steering components, brake rotors, and suspension. See More Rugged Ridge Jeep Products

Rugged Ridge Wheels and Wheel Accessories
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The wheels from Rugged Ridge are made with stainless steel button-head socket cap that screws on the outer wheel face. This will give a unique 3-piece look to the Jeep and an optional trim ring that lets you mount additional accessories. As an added feature, a UV-Treated center cap reproduces a manual hub to give any Jeep the off-road look.

Choose a finish that will complement the looks of your vehicle. Rugged Ridge Wheels are available in 5 distinct finishes: Satin Black Powder-coated, Satin Black Powder-coated with Machined Lip, Silver Powder-coated, Dual-Stage Polished Chrome, and the Limited Edition Hyper Silver. These powder-coated finishes give an ultra-hard finish to the wheels for added durability, corrosion resistance, and style.

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