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Rock Slide Engineering Sliders presents the latest addition to our production, the R-SE Step-Slider; the only way to improve on the already confirmed style.

R-SE Step-Slider is incorporating the running slider and the need for a phase. When the entrance is started out the phase will set up to allow accessibility. The certain awaiting style allows for access to the front side and back gates of the automobile. The provided cabling utilize has a manual operation change if the gates are eliminated as well as a program closed off if finish turn off is required. (Recommended whenever the vehicle is in 4wheel drive) In the occasion that the step comes touching an item while journeying in the down place, the phase will quit and return to its house place upon ending the entrance. The phase slider is the only phase and slider combination available on the industry. Designed out of 3/16 metal available in simple or dust coated finish.