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Rigid Industries - Save 5% Off. Rigid Industries is the original pioneer of the Forward Projecting LED Lights and Light Bars. They continued to revolutionize with the most effective and affordable off-road LED Lights, mounting options and accessories for numerous applications of vehicle. Rigid Industries LED Lights are durable, rugged and reliable lights for superior brightness necessary for competitive or leisure off-road riding. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Rigid Industries Articles and Reviews (8)
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There is nothing as important as being safe on the road. While you are driving during the day, night, through the hailstorm or in snow, it is important that you have lights that will ensure that you do not collide with another vehicle, hit a tree or worse, run over someone. Rigid Industries have come a long way since its inception. The company has in many ways revolutionized LED Lights and LED Light Bars that are currently available in the market.
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Rigid lights sponsored this year’s edition of the SCORE Desert Challenge. This was the 19th annual SCORE Desert Challenge and took place at the Coyne Powersports Motorplex in City of Imperial, California. The event saw Steven Eugenio win in the SCORE Trophy Truck race for the first time. Eugenio has previously participated in the SCORE Desert Challenge winning in different classes but not in the SCORE Trophy Truck race.
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The Lucas Off-Road Racing Series is one of today’s most esteemed racing competitions. For each race, all of the country’s best drivers gather to compete and showcase what they’ve got. During Rounds 5 and 6 of the competition, Rigid Industries showcased why they are one of today’s most impressive aftermarket manufacturers, capturing wins and podium finishes left and right. To check the full the story of Rigid and Lucas Off-Road click here.
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The History of Rigid Industries From waterproof flashlights that charge from your vehicle’s 12V charger to full LED Foglights, off-road enthusiasts have always relied on Rigid Industries to show them the way when the trail gets too dark. For years, off-roaders have known that the brightest lights in the world have the name “Rigid” embossed on the sides. Today, truck and ATV owners can hit the trails at any time, even on a moonless night, thanks to the obscene lumen power that is available from Rigid Products.
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In today’s world, it’s extremely important to be safe out on the roads. During rain and snow storms or the evening time, this means having exceptional visibility. Unfortunately, sometimes stock lights just don’t provide this. Luck for you, though, Rigid Industries is completely dedicated to providing drivers with the very best lighting. In fact, they put all of their products through a rigorous testing process to make sure. Check out more about Rigid Industry’s development process here.
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LED Lights verses Xenon and Halogen Lights. For nearly 40 years vehicle lighting remained virtually unchanged and relied on halogen lights to illuminate the way. Xenon lights were introduced in the late 1990s, but despite the advantages in brightness, xenon lights have come in for criticism. Over the last few years LED lighting technology has pushed LED lights to the forefront, as pioneered by Rigid Industries LED Lighting. We compare the pros and cons of halogen, xenon and LED lights.
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Rigid Industries makes Brilliant LED Light that are Bulletproof Tough. For the toughest off-road races in the world the top drivers turn to Rigid Industries. LED lighting pioneers and industry leaders in LED lighting systems, Rigid Industries’ lights are the brightest on the market and the toughest – both valuable assets when you’re flat out on a dark trail; just ask Baja 1000 racer Mikey Childress. He wiped out at 117mph, but his lights still worked once the dust had settled. Find out more about Rigid Industries.
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Rigid Industries is leading the LED Light Revolution. Did you know it was as recent as 2007 that LED lights were first seen in large numbers on production vehicles? Audi opened the floodgates and today, just a few years later, many new vehicles feature LED front lights. But specialist company Rigid Industries were ahead of Audi by a year, launching the first ever LED light bar in 2006. Since then it has led the way in LED lighting systems for off-road, Jeep, pickup and ATV vehicles.

Rigid Lights More Inforation

There are many LED Lights available, so why are Rigid Industries lights so popular, Rigid Lights are Made in the USA, in Gilbert Arizona. Rigid Lights undergo rigorous quality control testing, including vibration testing, dust testing, corrosion testing and submersion testing. The result is a better performing and longer lasting light. There are several other differences that should also be mentioned. Rigid uses extremely effective LED driver circuitry to push 97% of the power directly to the LED, now that is efficient. Each light has a custom silicone seal to make it waterproof to as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The lens is almost unbreakable made of poly-carbonate. Plus over sized heat sinks keep the Rigid Lights cooler and brighter for longer.

We offer an extensive line of Rigid Industries LED Lights consisting of the “E” Series and Amber Series LED Light Bars, Dually LED lights, Mounting options and accessories. Rigid Industries - Now Lower Prices and Free Shipping on Rigid Industries LED Lights and LED Light Bars.

Why do Optics Matter?
The evolution of “E” Series carries on pushing the standard for superior optics and superb efficiency. With patented hybrid Rigid Reflector system, the “E” Series provides the brightest and most efficient off road light bar on the market. “E” Series also has the supreme lumen output per watt available on the market. Rigid lays “E” Series, the state of the art truck light bar, that will provide an unmatched brightness, efficiency, and excellent craftsmanship essential for safer night off-roading.

Reverse light on a truck, a handlebar light on a motorcycle, a flood light on a trailer, The Dually LED Lights can easily fit anywhere. With a 1300 lumens of light and has the same brightness as a 50W MR16, the Dually LED Lights can give you safety on the road.

Rigid Industries offers the brightest LED Flashlights, the Diablo and Halo Flashlights. Diablo utilizes a total of 5 LED's for the ultimate beam pattern. Diablo is constructed of an all-aluminum housing with lexan lens. Flashlight puts on 900 lumens of light in a very tight spot and approximately 2000 usable light is projected. Halo utilizes a 10W Led combined with an all-aluminum reflector. Halo comes with 1(18650) rechargeable battery with a wall charger. Halo Flashlight has 5 modes, the Medium, Low, High, Strobe and SOS Strobe in Morse Code.

Rigid Industries offers Lights for many different applications. We cary the Rigid line of Powersports and Off-Road lights. They also offer LED Light solutions for Marine, Agriculture, Mining, Industrial, Commercial, Safety, and Military. If you are looking for any of these other applications, please visit Rigid Industries.

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