Fender Flares

Prestige fender flares are made with the top quality ABS plastic. Unlike cheaply made fiberglass fender flares, the ABS plastic used to make Prestige fender flares has been approved for OEM production on most vehicles parts for its well known durability.

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Each piece of our flares is carefully designed for a perfect fitment and proven to be UV protected from the harsh sun radiation and most outdoor environment. The extra fender coverage is a quick, affordable, and stylish fix to fender rust. Prestige Fender Flares is the only manufacturer on the market with an optional textured finish. This finish features a more rugged off-road look, and also more resistant to road debris damage in an outdoor environment.

  • Distinguished Styling: Prestige offers the best looking fender flares for the serious truckers that also need durability.
  • Superior Quality: No shortcuts, compromises, or sacrifices: how Prestige has become known for amazing product quality and competitive value! Their Limited Lifetime Warranty validates their commitment to superior quality with a long life expectancy.
  • Standard or Texture Finished: All Prestige fender flares are available in both standard and texture finishes. Don’t forget to check out the super exclusive texture finish!
  • No Drilling Required: That's right, no drilling is required for installing any Prestige fender flare!
  • 100% ABS Plastic: Offering optimal performance and and superior quality, they use 100% ABS plastic, which also happens to be the OE preferred material.


"I've owned other fender flares, but Prestige makes the best yet. The quality is amazing and the ABS material is as tough as nails."
Tommy M.
Grand Rapids, MI

"I have three trucks all with different makes of flares installed and the Prestige flares are the best looking by far. I'll be upgrading to Prestige fender flares on the other two trucks A.S.A.P!"
Ed W.
Selmer, TN

"Prestige's fender flares were so easy to install, I did it myself in no time. I didn't want to use a drill on my truck and Prestige made that possible."
Val M.
Phoenix, AZ

"Other brands had similar flares, but I wanted the textured look to match my tonneau cover. Prestige was the only company that offered the style I wanted with the texture that perfectly matches my tonneau cover. NICE!"
Anthony R.
Lexington, KY

"The rivets on my old flares were looking pretty rough after only a few months. I saw the Prestige 'Rivet style' flares and decided to give them a try. At the cost, it wasn't a hard decision to make, and I'm glad I made the Prestige choice. My Rivet Style fender flares are still looking like new after a year, with no hints of deterioration in the near future."
Carlos D.
Miami, FL

"All I get is compliments on my truck ever since I installed the wide style Prestige fender flares. They gave my wide tires a nice flush look. These flares are the best 'styling' enhancement and least costly I've made. Keep up the great work!"
Angie A.
Kansas City, MO

"I wish I had never wasted my time and money on the other fender flares I have bought in the past. I recommend Prestige to all of my truck buddies."
Randy C.
Dothan, AL