Nifty Cargo Logic

Year After Year Protection from Nifty Cargo Logic

Get year-after-year protection and an original equipment look with Nifty Cargo Liners. Made of a durable, water-resistant material, it's custom-molded for a perfect fit and easy to install. Cargo Liner flooring covers the maximum floor area for complete protection and can be cleaned in minutes by hosing it off and wiping it dry.

Not all Cargo Liners are made the same, but here at 4WheelOnline, we believe these Nifty Cargo Logic cargo liners are the ones you are looking for. These cargo liners will match your interior for a superior look. If you're one that needs to research other products or places, we guarantee you will be back for these cargo logic liners.

With the pairing of Nifty products and Lund, these Cargo Logic cargo liners got an extra seal of approval. Already a great, quality product, there was no reason for Lund to do anything to them except include their name to the product and help back it up and assure consumers they are making the best choice by choosing Nifty Cargo Logic cargo liners.

With these Nifty Cargo Liners, you can protect any car , SUV, van or pick up without losing style. Nifty Cargo Liners will fit right and fully protect the cargo area of any vehicle. It Includes two Cargo-Locks to protect cargo in transit; With raised lip to contain spills; Made of an advanced 2-part system featuring heavy duty thermoplastic under tray for complete water resistance and woven polyware surface for moisture, stain, and mildew resistance.

Cargo Logic Liners have been made for the average family/household consumer. Now you never have to worry about making a mess with things like dirt, groceries, or equipment, and you can also keep the original look of your vehicle. Taking out a cargo liner to clean has never been easier. Just take out the liner, spray it down with a hose, and its brand new every time.