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Jeep Performance Products are On Sale and Ship Free. Jeep Enthusiasts will find below the greatest collection of Jeep Performance Products, all at the Lowest Prices (call us if you find a lower price!) with FREE Shipping on as many items as possible! If your Jeep interests tend toward extreme rock crawling and back country trails and you need more power compensate for larger wheel tire combos or to get up that crazy steep rock face, this is the place to find a everything your need to maximize the power. For the highway warriors living the Jeep lifestyle we have electronic tuners, air intakes and exhaust kits that will let you blast through traffic while ensuring maximum fuel efficiency! Superchips Flashpaq increases stock horsepower and torque for Jeep by about 10%, it can adjust your speedometer for non-stock tires, and it comes with a wealth of features that are useful on the trail. Increase your Jeep's fuel efficiency by opening up the airflow with a cold air intake exhaust and tuner combination, We have intakes from Volant, K&N or AFE at the lowest prices anywhere! These are Jeep Performance Upgrades that you can feel in the seat of your pants, and with increase fuel efficiency, they can pay for themselves over time! Enjoy all the Jeep Performance Products you want and rest assured that you will save money through increased efficiency and reduced operating wear!
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Start Your Performance Here!
There's no better place to start adding performance to your
Jeep than with a Performance Exhaust System from one
of the leading manufacturers.

Jeep Exhaust Kits

Add Power and Performance with a New Jeep Exhaust Kit. We carry all Jeep exhaust kits that commonly use by Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee,
Liberty and other Jeep models. Everything you need for exhaust system and exhaust kits are here at very affordable price!

The committed to provide the only and highest quality exhaust kits that will meet your standards is what we offer. All kits are Trail Tested Tough to provide years of 4 Wheeling Fun and off-road test ride. Whether you want the looks, sound, performance, or all three, we have something to fit all you exhaust needs at very lowest price with free shipping freebies.
AFE Twisted Steel Headers
See What's New From AFE - Click Here for AFE New Release Products!

Gain more horsepower and torque gain and release trapped torque in your engine, upgrading your Jeep with these modern style of exhaust flow in a kit and innovative exhaust system. All exhaust kits are equipped with durable style and amazing application to Jeep models. These exhaust kits can be applied directly below your vehicle chassis without any worries.

Changing the Jeep exhaust system into larger pipes, tuned resonators and low restriction mufflers can simply make a huge difference and way too easy. Most of the exhaust system we have are fit able and matched all Jeep chassis. All you have to do is install it properly and have the performance and better riding comfort you never expected.

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aFe Power for Jeep

aFe believes that “stock sucks” – meaning that
the stock parts that come pre-installed on your vehicle
are not necessarily the ones that will be the best for
power and quality.

To attain high-end performance to Jeep vehicles, aFe recommends the
Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake System which replaces the entire stock
air induction system – all the way to the throttle body or turbo housing.

Here are some of the notable factors why you should consider getting
an aFe Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake System for Jeep vehicles.

• Stage 2 Provides Maximum Performance.
• Replaces Entire Stock Intake Path.
Si Features Sealed Airbox with Ram Air Scoop.
• Filter Lasts the Life of Vehicle.
• Improves the Look Under Hood.

The purpose of the air induction system is to filter, meter, and measure intake air flow into the engine. Air, filtered by the air cleaner, passes into the intake manifold in varying volumes. The amount of air entering the engine is a function of throttle valve opening angle and engine rpm. Air velocity is increased as it passes through the long, narrow intake manifold runners,
resulting in improved engine volumetric efficiency.

Air intake systems allows every car to breathe easier creating more horsepower and greater gas mileage. Air intake systems have different styles for anyone to choice from, such as Cold Air Intake systems Stage 1, Stage 2, Intake Manifolds, Upgrade Tubes, Super Stock Induction, Universal Stage 1xp, Torque Booster Tubes, Charged Air Manifolds and Throttle Body Spacer.

Like clean lungs, every engine is sure to fire up its performance with aFe Air Intake on it. So add it to the cart now for less and give the engine only the safe and balanced fuel and air mixture with our selective aFe Air Intake Systems. Check out the aFe Magnum Force Intakes and aFe Air Intake Systems too to complete each need for optimum air induction performance.

We have a wide array of AFE Air Intakes that are at the Lowest Price plus Free
Shipping. Save today on your AFE Intake and feel the difference that it will make.
Count on the Lowest Prices!

We always want more for our Jeep… We always want the best… the best looks, the best feel, the best performance… at all times, in all places, on any kind of road, plain, hilly, rugged, winding, or what have you!

And so, achieve the peak performance of your Jeep for a lot better performance on and off road by upgrading your Jeep's performance parts and accessories.

A Jeep does what it is designed to do very well - climb steep and precipitous slopes. However, traveling some distance on some sloping roads or terrain, a Jeep, just as any vehicle for that matter, would run at sluggish speeds. Any Jeep climbing a slope or mountain gets a hard time maintaining the freeway speeds especially if the tires are larger. With this dilemma, Jeep offers the solution… HAVE MORE POWER IN YOUR CAR. And, we offer several ways to address this…

Note that a free flow exhaust and intake system is a must. Without it, any upgrading or enhancement of the car’s features, parts and accessories, will be weak and not fully operational and functional. Remember that the standard internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump. It must be made to breathe in and out properly.

There are various ways to upgrade the Jeep performance. We offer a wide variety of options, such as - the Performance Chips, Modules and Programmers, all specifically programmed to enhance your vehicle’s performance. The Power chips are skillfully engineered to safely protect the drive train of the vehicle. The reliability of the emissions and the durability and endurance of the drive train through amplified operating temperature would not be compromised. Performance upgrades purposely tune the engine to harness the vehicle’s full power without necessarily changing or modifying the engine for say a much higher horsepower. Through these upgrades, the gas mileage of the vehicle is also increased which means paying less for the gas.

Performance-wise and efficiency-wise, go for the Jeep Performance Upgrades. They never fail… they always keep you and your Jeep up and going on any kind of terrain… easily… smoothly… peacefully… Talk of suave driving even on the most rugged terrain with the Jeep Performance Upgrades!
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