Jeep Drivetrain

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Jeep Drivetrain

Jeep Drivetrain Parts

For us wise and smart drivers, it matters that we know our Jeep, its major parts and accessories, and how they work, so that we can make full use of them for the Jeep’s over-all great performance.

Consider this… The rotational force of the engine’s crankshaft turns other shafts and gears that eventually cause the drive wheels to rotate. The various components that link the crankshaft to the drive wheels make up the Jeep Drivetrain. Jeep drivetrain parts include the transmission, one or more driveshafts, differential gears, and axles.

Among the most important and abused Jeep drivetrain parts are Driveshafts, U-joints, and yokes. These parts often need to be replaced after grueling four wheeling adventures because of the wear-and-tear, pressure and impact that they go through during such not-so-easy drives. The drivetrain components form a very efficient chain of power transfer, taking the torque power produced by engine combustion through a number of steps that begin with the transmission, which receives power from the engine crankshaft through a connection formed by the clutch assembly. The Jeep driveshaft is connected to the output shaft of the transmission at one end, to receive the engine power, and to the differential pinion at the other to transmit it to the differential, which will slow the rotation with a gear reduction before passing it along to power the drive wheels.

Another Jeep Drivetrain Part is the Jeep Lockers. These parts eliminate the useless spinning of the tires which usually happen when driving on the trail or in the snow. The Torque is applied evenly between the tires so that even if one tire has no traction, the other tire will pull through the tough spot. With the Jeep Lockers, the Jeep will be able to pull through on the trail or the snow better and easier.

For all these Jeep needs or necessities, check on the Jeep Drivetrain components available in this site, including Jeep Axle Parts, Jeep differential Parts, Jeep Air Compressors, Jeep Air Lockers, Jeep Ring and Pinion, etc.

Get on… Keep your Jeep at its peak performance even on difficult trails and snow… Get all the drivetrain parts and components installed now… and feel the difference!