Jeep Tow Hooks & Shackle Kits

If you are off-roading your Jeep, taking advanatge of its power and durability in rugged terrain, there will be times when your Jeep gets stuck. In such situations, having a Jeep Tow Hook set or a Jeep Shackle Kit installed could be the difference between being stranded, waiting for help and quickly recovering to get back to the business of off-road fun!

Secured properly to your vehicle's frame, tow hooks provide an attachment point for wire hooks, straps and chains. It also provides a safe place to connect the winch hook. By using a pulley to connect your Jeep's winch to your Jeep tow hook or D-ring shackle, you double the amount of torque applied to the recovery then when the winch is only connected to an external object.

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