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Body Armor 4x4 now 20% Off and Ships Free. Jeep Body Armor is the newest addition to the Tolar family of products. Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a full service fabricator, developing products from concept to reality. Tolar is recognized as a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum street furniture that can be found in cities throughout the world. Building its business on a commitment to quality products and superior customer service, Body Armor 4x4 has brought together a unique team of designers, engineering specialists and metal fabrication professionals with over 30 years of experience in the off-road products industry. Body Armor is a serious company fabricating serious products for the extreme off-roader. We specialize in bolt-on, no-drill extreme front and rear bumpers as well as extreme trail gear accessories, built for the toughest on and off road and trail conditions America has to offer. Following the industry-leading reputation of our parent company, our focus is one-dimensional: Serve the customer with timely shipments of quality products which incorporate ease of installation, superior quality, and are designed to fit the first time.

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Body Armor 4x4

Body Armor 4x4 offers a full line of Jeep products, with two main goals from the company. The first and most important thing Body Armor is trying to accomplish, is a guaranteed feeling of safety and protection while off-roading for both you and your Jeep. This is done by adding Jeep Body Armor products to your Jeep such as front and rear bumpers, sidebars, and trail doors. The next mission Body Armor has set out to do, and has done an amazing job with, is adding a new style to your Jeep. With products like the Quad Hoop Front Bumper, the winch plates, roof racks, and even accessories as small as wrapped light guards, you can achieve both great looks and protection to your Jeep. All Body Armor Jeep Products are made from the highest quality material to ensure a long lasting product that keeps its durability forever. Check out all our Body Armor products to ensure protection on all sides of your Jeep, while still looking good.

Body Armor 4x4 for Jeep is a name that has been around for several years, and has made one of the most immediate impacts on the Jeep world. Jeep owners that are adding Body Armor products to their vehicle have never been happier. With the extra protection and extra strength they are getting from Jeep Body Armor, it is taking off-roading to a new level. Experience things you couldn't before, and go deeper and further into the wilderness then ever before. Body Armor 4x4 does an excellent job with making sure it is protecting all elements of your Jeep, as well as giving you an extreme look for your every day driving.