Jeep Air Lift Suspension

Nobody know suspension better than 4-Wheel Online, and nobody knows air suspension better than Air Lift Company. 4-Wheel Online is proud to offer Air Lift Company Suspension for your Car, Truck, SUV or Motorhome. Choose from multiple styles of Air Lift Suspension, and multiple ways to manage your Air Lift Suspension system.
STEEL (leafs, helpers, stronger springs) vs. AIR

- The difference is adjustability.

Only air suspension can bring your vehicle back to the factory ride height. Just add air to level your vehicle or to add suspension muscle for rough, uneven roads. And when your trip or work is done, simply deflate the springs to return your suspension to the factory rate either manually, or by using one of the available compressor kit options. Custom tune your suspension for most any road or load conditions, quickly and simply with air.

Steel or hard rubber helper springs are not the best solution. Your vehicle must sag some to engage these helper springs, so it is not level. Plus, the ride may be harsh when the vehicle is not loaded. Air springs are the 1st choice of the professional installers. Look at the image below ... the difference is obvious.

One of the more important issues is SAFETY! With an AIR LIFT® system you have more stable control of your vehicle in both handling and braking. By offering added stability with added loads upon your vehicle, the AIR LIFT® system increase road safety for you and your family as well as others on the road with you.

Depending on your vehicle and the available kits, you can add between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds of added load carrying capacity to your vehicle. (NOTE: Never exceed vehicle manufacturer's recommended gross vehicle weight rating, GVWR).

The benefits to using AIR LIFT® suspension components is obvious. The clear leader in Safety, Load Control, and maintaining Suspension Geometry is AIR LIFT®!
When your vehicle's suspension is abused by added loads or improper ride height, steering, braking and other issues are obvious. But what many people do not realize is that these added loads can also cause early suspension component failure. Steering and suspension components, springs, shocks/struts, bushings, and more are adversely affected by improper ride height.

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