JET Jeep Performance Modules

The Best and Affordable JET Jeep Performance Modules can be Found Here!

The JET Performance Module for Jeep models is a JET exclusive. The Dynamic Spectrum Tuning provides power gains across the entire power band-not just at full throttle. Its point by point air or fuel ratio, ignition advance and various other tuning points provide performance gains of up to 25 horsepower. It will improve throttle response, acceleration and low end torque. Its plug-in installation takes less than 30 minutes and available in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

JET Performance Products has become the foremost leader in Domestic power tuning and has become known worldwide for its tuning ability in Domestic applications. To complement the extensive line of domestic performance chips, JET decided 7 years ago the next logical step would be import computer upgrades. Their dedicated team of engineers, technicians and some very helpful factory people embarked on a 7 year journey to develop the best line of import computer upgrades available today.

Fuel and timing curves are extensively modified for peak performance and drivability. This performance module requires use of 91 octane fuel, 180 degree thermostat and free flow exhaust. Also works well with aftermarket intake systems, mass air sensors, TBI spacers, etc.