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General Tires 20% Off Plus Sets Of 4 or More Now Ship FREE! Born from competition, General Grabber Tires have been developed by the most skilled engineers and tested by the best off-road racers including Carl Renezeder and BJ Baldwin. General Tires feature multi-angled sidewall protectors help prevent punctures. Available for most light truck applications, General Tires bring aggressive all-terrain traction for all surface and all weather conditions. Unlike most all-terrain tires, General Tires deliver a remarkably quiet ride. General Tires was founded in 1915. General Tires is part of Continental Tire North America, Inc. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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When you hear about these tires you will probably be familiar with its remarkable record for championship wins. Yes, the company which will be celebrating a century of high ranking tire manufacturing and distribution this year has come a long way to produce race-worthy tires for the world. A more detailed description of AltiMax tires and their features will explain why.
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The Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series isn’t the only off road racing series they are involved in. The company has also been behind the National Off Road Racing Mexican 1000 series which is a desert racing series. The event which covers 5 different off road racing categories which include the Evolution race has been going on since 1966.
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The 2014 edition of the longest off road race in the United States, the General Vegas to Reno race, is finally over. The race saw Team General record impressive results in their specific categories. In the 1500 class, Justin Lofton carried the flag high finishing first to make it the fourth year in a row the General Grabbers have crossed the finish line first.
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For years there has been one tire company that has lurked in the shadows of the big names like Goodyear and BF Goodrich. However, they are a 95-year-old company, is now stranger to the racing world. The underdog company has been putting big wins under its bet this season, which is shaking up the competition. Click Here to find out why GT is so hot in the racing world right now.
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All of the great racers in history were never bound to just one type of vehicle. Mickey Thompson used to race funny cars one day and then compete in the Baja 1000 in the desert on the next. Justin Lofton, an off-road racer is showing promise as one of the greats, too. Recently, Lofton has been jumping out NASCAR racing machines and into 4x4 buggies. Click Here to learn more about Lofton’s introduction to off-road racing.


General Tires feature strategically-placed sipes that result in many biting edges, which excel when taken off-road. General Tires structural integrity is exceptional, because they are made in segmented molds rather than two-piece molds, to ensure superior uniformity. General Tires ply structure and casing technology are designed to be extremely durable. Computer-optimized contouring gives General Tires a wider, flatter tread contour with a squared shoulder to prolong tread life.


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