Factory Outlet Jeep Product
Rock Guard Black

Creating sufficient ground clearance is considered to be the easiest way to prevent damage to the undercarriage and sides of your car. However, this doesn’t stop rocks and other road debris from hitting the underside of your Jeep, especially if you are an off-roader. So, it is a must that you cover your truck’s underside with the right rock guard. If you are wondering where you will get a reliable rock guard for your Jeep, Factory Outlet has a variety of rock guards that you can choose from. With a Factory Outlet rock guard black, your Jeep’s sides and the undercarriage remain intact for many years into the future.

The rock guard black fits perfectly on the side of your Jeep adding a distinct side hoop for enhanced protection against outcroppings. If you are planning to tour the countryside, where roads are a bit rugged, you need a Factory Outlet rock guard or else you will end up spending a fortune on the damaged underside at the end of the trip. Apart from protecting the undercarriage, this guard will also add elegance and style to your ride. The guard is easy to install as it comes in a special design that doesn’t require drilling.