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Dick Cepek Tires On Sale Plus Free Shipping! Dick Cepek Tires are made for the off-road enthusiast that need the best traction available. Dick Cepek's Radial F-C II tires are made for the best performance on and off-road. It features huge self-cleaning lugs and side biters to create traction in sand and mud as well as extra siping in the lugs and radial design for driving on the road. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Dick Cepek started off a line of tires that have revolutionized the off road driving industry. At a time when there are myriads of off road tire brands, some of which were established by famous off-road drivers like Dick himself, the need to offer something truly remarkable is intense. Dick Cepek condensed their all terrain options into two easy to pick choices; the Trail Country tire and the Fun Country tire.
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Dick Cepek was founded in 1963 by Dick Cepek who was an off-road enthusiast. Cepek loved using his land rover to explore the California desert. However, he realized that there were no suitable tires for the rugged terrain. Therefore, if you want to get wet, muddy and dirty without being worried of being stuck, then their tires is the right choice for you.
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As a winner of several off road championships Dick Cepek was indicted in the Off Road motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978. But prior to that he started his own tire line in 1963, same year that Mickey Thompson started his tire company. The company has grown to be one of his most memorable legacies and it has contributed to the successes of many modern off road racers.
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- Dick Cepek is one of today’s premier aftermarket off-road tire companies. Today, their line-up features a wide variety of off-road tires, which is aimed at providing performance to many different driving styles. Some of their more popular tires include: the Mud Country, the Crusher, and the Fun Country tires. To check out exactly what tire best suits what terrain, check out our article here.
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For more than four decades, Dick Cepek has been offering adventure products for truck and SUV owners, but their wheels weren’t tailored for the everyday truck driver …until now! Earlier this year, Dick Cepek rolled out two new tire models, which are available in more than 90 different sizes and widths. Click Here to see how these tires stand up against the competition.
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Both Cepek and Thompson raced and founded dominating tire companies. When it’s time to buy new wheels and tires for your truck or 4x4, you should always make an effort to buy the best. Lately, racers and enthusiasts have been stuck trying to figure our which wheels are better: Dick Cepek’s or Mickey Thompson’s. Years ago, there may have been a bit of difference between the two brands, but now they’re ran under the same roof. Click Here to see what the biggest names in racing have in store for wheels and tires.
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Dick Cepek and a legendary career on the track and in the tire Industry. If you’re thinking about getting a new set of tires, there’s no better alternative than Dick Cepek. Dick Cepek was a man that always strove to produce the very best. This attitude helped him to land in multiple Hall of Fames and serves as the ultimate recognition of a great man and an even better brand.
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Today we review the Dick Cepek Fun Country Tire. Drivers need to be able to handle anything that is thrown their way. Whether you are stuck in the elements of nature or 5 o’clock traffic, it’s important to have a tire you can depend on. Dick Cepek has the answer for you: the Fun Country tire. The Fun Country is an award winning all-terrain tire that has everyone talking.
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Currently, they are using radial ply designs on many of their tires because they understand the benefits that it offers. Check out our article here to find out more about Dick Cepek and the benefits of a radial ply design.

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Off road enthusiast, Dick Cepek, wanted to share his passion and love for the sports. Build the Dick Cepek brand took up an immense amount of time, effort, energy, and money. Devoted to improving the aftermarket automotive industry was slow at first with only close friends, family, and locals buying tires for their vehicles but quickly transformed into a reputable and quality brand name that can be seen worldwide. Improving and changing how we drive our vehicle, Dick Cepek Tires have truly changed and captured all the characteristics that a truck, SUV, or 4x4 should be. Through his products, passion, and inspiration, Dick Cepek name will live on and continue to change the off-road industry as we know it. Enjoy the outdoor with none other than a set of Dick Cepek Tires.

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