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G2 Axle and Gear Assemblies are complete axle assemblies and are built to make upgrading easier, and are ready to bolt directly into each performance vehicle. They are assembled using the finest components including OEM ring & pinion sets and heavy duty chromoly axles. These rear assemblies have been upgraded with the optional disc brake kit for better performance. Built with all new components and tailored to fit anyone's needs. These housings can be ordered with every choice of a locker and gear ratio. G2 Axle Shafts may require Axle Kit (Sold Separately).

G2 Axle and Gear Assemblies

Complete Axle Assembly

Is your vehicle beginning to make those grinding and jarring noises when shifting gears? Your axle assembly might have a problem. This sort of problem usually happens to off-roaders, especially to SUVs.

This is most prevalent to vehicles that travel difficult terrain for the road. It can give much stress to an axle assembly. The road's bumps, turns and potholes and immoderate shifting can really damage a drivetrain, especially its component parts. The axle shaft can give much stress to the CV-joint (constant velocity) or even a U-joint if not properly handled. The gear transfer should be seamless. This could be done if the parts are meticulously greased and are protected from outside elements like dirt.

Axle Assembly Certain steps must be always followed to make sure that your drivetrain assembly is always working fine. The boot or the rubber gasket that protects a CV-joint from dirt and other elements should always be inspected for leaks. Contamination inside the axle assembly can cause much damage for the joints. And repairing is not an easy job to do. Simply flushing contaminants from the drivetrain assembly won't do... and often times, it even worsens the problem. It is so messy and it has a high degree of failure. A small amount of contaminants can really destroy your axle assembly's joints.

Replacing individual axle components may be satisfactory but buying a new axle assembly is even worst. Keeping your axle assembly free from contaminants is a must. But if worse comes to worst, you need an auto parts store which can give you OEM quality axle assembly parts.

Rebuilt Axle Shaft Assemblies
In many cases it is better to replace the entire axle shaft assembly, instead of just replacing a bad cv joint. Axle assemblies are used primarily in front wheel drive cars, but they are also used on 4 wheel drive cars and trucks, and are used on most high end German rear wheel drive cars.

The axle is used to seamlessly transmit the torque form the transmission to the wheels. The axle shafts typically have a cv joint at both ends of the axle, but there are cases where the axle will have a cv joint at one end and a u-joint at the other end. Don't pay huge service fees to have your cv joints replaced, when you can save hundreds of dollars replacing the entireaxle shaft, and in most cases you can even change the axle your self with some basic tools.

Our axle shafts have brand new cv joints and come with a great warranty. At Drivewire you get the highest quality Axle Assembly at discounted prices. Drivewire carries all the major manufacturers of axle assembly including, Genuine, empi, and GKNi axles and can save you up to 80% the cost of having the joints serviced.