Auto VentShade
Jeep Bugflector II

Auto VentShade Jeep Bugflector II

Auto Ventshade Bugflector II features an aerodynamic wrap-around design that gives any vehicle a sleek, classic look. Auto Ventshade Bugflector II is an impact molded, dark smoke acrylic hood shield that offers tough protection from rocks, bug splatter and road debris to maintain a showroom shine throughout the life of any vehicle. AVS Bugflector II features a raised lip to deflect bugs up and over your windshield. AVS Bugflector II has an off-the-hood design that allows for easy washing and waxing. The Auto Ventshade Bugflector II installs easily with many no-drill, tape-on applications (designated by *)! The AVS Bugflector II gives more vehicles the protection they deserve than any other Hood shield!