Auto Ventshade
Bugflector I Jeep

Affordable Auto Ventshade Bugflector I Jeep

Auto Ventshade Bugflector I is the original Bug Deflector and still a classic. Bugflector I is constructed of tough, impact-molded dark smoke acrylic and will last for years. Bugflector I features a hood width design with a raised lip that offers superior hood protection and keeps bug splatter off the windshield. The Auto Ventshade Bugflector I has an off the hood design that facilitates easy vehicle maintenance including washing and waxing. Bugflector I installs in minutes with high quality 3M tape (or mechanical fasteners). AVS Bugflector I is available for a most makes of trucks, vans and SUVs. So give your vehicle the protection it deserves today...with an Auto Ventshade Bugflector I!