American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels Now 40% OFF Plus Free Shipping! American Racing came out with their first set of wheels in the 1950s. Excelling beyond expectations, American Racing Wheels entered into the racing market, creating the most well-known hot rod and drag racing wheels. With that single wheel, American Racing Wheels set out on a mission to provide the best wheels on the market. Today, they make wheels for all vehicles.

American Racing Wheels are available in a wide variety of Sizes and Bolt Patterns to fit all major Trucks, Jeeps, SUV,s and Cars. These classic wheels feature spoke patterns in a variety of styles, including thin, flat, concave and split. The rims have the widest array of finishes; grey, anthracite, matte, gloss and flat black, polished, dark silver, chrome and PVD.

American Racing has created some of the most recognizable and iconic wheels over the past 50 plus years. They are renowned for their precise designs, high quality and performance upgrades. American Racing is considered some of the most desired rims around the world. 4 Wheel Online is proud to offer American Racing Wheels. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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American Racing

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American Racing Wheels Articles and Reviews (5)
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The IndyCar qualifying round in Mid-Ohio was very competitive and unpredictable. It was unpredictable as none of the top four drivers were championship contenders. This meant that anybody was in line to take the lead. In the end, Sebastien Bourdais riding with American Racing Wheels managed to stay in the lead for the pole position. This was his second pole start position in under two weeks and 33 in his career.
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Two time NHRA Full Throttle champion Tony Pedregon is one of the most iconic figures in drag racing history. But, he didn’t get there on his own. One of the biggest supporters of Pedregon’s success is the iconic American Racing Wheels brand. To check out the full scoop, check out our article here…

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Before you make any big decision, you’ll probably want to make sure exactly what you’re getting. For products, this may include knowing what features are being offered. For these products, you’ll want to check up on their references too. Through the storied history of American Racing Wheels, customers will see a product that’ll be perfect for their vehicle.

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If you’re looking for the best wheel on the market, look no further. For over 60 years, American Racing Wheels has been the top manufacturer of wheels for high performance vehicles. This past year, they were involved in a truly historic moment. If you want to know what this moment was, check out our article on 4 Wheel Online.

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American Racing Wheels are one of the most iconic brands in the history of muscle cars and hot rodding. Since its inception in 1956, this company has been the definition of what the hot rod lifestyle is all about. Countless articles from hot rod magazine have cited their wheel as nothing short of historic. One article even featured them as one of the 20 speed parts that changed the world! 4 Wheel Online has recognized the importance of American Racing Wheels, as well. We feature dozens of their wheel variations, all of which are sure to satisfy your needs.

American Racing Wheels - More Information

American Racing Wheels has changed the aftermarket wheel industry. American Racing Wheels have more than 50 years of experience producing the quality, durable, and reliable wheels. With quite a history behind their belts, Romeo Palamides and J.O Ellison collaborative together to create racing wheels that are specially designed for dragsters. While building a strong business relationship with Tom Griffin, an engineer, the company quickly became renowned for their wheels. Currently, American Racing Wheels are the most recognizable aftermarket wheels and are used by professionals throughout the world. American Racing Wheels has and will continue to change what we, as customers, want and need out of a set of wheels.

The American Racing Rims that started the frenzy was the Torq Thrust. In the mid 1950s, the company was focused on one thing only, a semi-solid modular design. An engineer named Tom Griffin developed the tapered parabolic contour spoke, which promoted brake cooling and reduced the weight of the wheel. American Racing Wheels soon became famous and has been able to uphold their fame with products that will perform and enhance the appearance. Today, many companies try to mimic the features of the Torq Thrust.

Gerneral Lee and his famous Dodge Charger has left an impression on television viewers. The legendary television show, "Dukes of Hazzard" has led many people driven to imitate the look and power of the car. The featured wheels on the famous 1969 Dodge Charger was nothing other than American Racing Wheels. Out of the 340 cars that were made for the show, 321 were destroyed by stunts and jumps. The American Racing Wheel, Vectors series, survived all the stunts except for one. The one wheel that failed the stunts is now displayed at a private collection in California. Other famous movies that American Racing Wheels took part in was The Game, Die Hard With a Vengeance, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Bullit and many more. American Racing Wheels have and will continue to change our perception of wheels and what they bring to the table.

Hot Rods clear the way for American Racing Wheels. In 2005, world renowned hot rod designer and American Racing Wheels collaborated to bring the top design wheels to the market. American Racing Wheels worked directly with Boyd Coddington to bring fresh, new and innovated thoughts to the table. Now Coddington works on sales, marketing and designs. He is also known worldwide from the Discovery Channel show "American Hot Rod".

Professionals throughout the world rely on their wheels. Car and truck enthusiasts look to American Racing Wheels because they weigh less, which leads to better overall performance. Both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Carroll Shelby trust in American Racing Wheels and use them on their raving machines. Get what the professionals trust, get American Racing Wheels!

American Racing Wheels are specially designed to withstand years of use and abuse on and off the road. Made with durable materials like chrome, steel and Teflon, your wheels will look good for years to come. Whatever you're looking for, know that you can find it at 4 Wheel Online. We have the largest selection of American Racing Wheels at Unbeatable Prices.

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