All about the Bestop Powerboards

So, you want to get out of your car in style? Tired of having to jump from your luxury SUV or feel like you need some help climbing into your truck?

Bestop power running boards
Bestop powerboards are the ultimate solution! These bad boys are made from long lasting aluminum metals preserving the authentic style and sleek appearance of your Jeep. These retractable powerboards are fast withdrawing boards that facilitate easy entry into your lifted truck or SUV in less than one second.

Bestop Powerboards are aftermarket Jeep products that work by extending outwards as the door opens and retracts back in automatically when the door closes. They actually hide in the underneath of your truck as soon as the door closes for improved ground clearance, allowing you to smooth over tough off-road terrains.

Bestop powerboards are 6.25 inch wide steps made from tough extruded T-6061 aluminum which is light in weight with a non-slip powder coating for additional durability. They offer great functionality as they extend and retract on both front and rear doors. This makes it even easier for the passengers and the driver to alight the car.

Bestop power running boards
These rugged and tough-road weather proven motors are able to extend more than ordinary stepping boards allowing for a large surface area while stepping down. Bestop powerboards come as a kit which includes well-built cast aluminum alloy arms for additional support and integrated LED lighting which lights up when your truck door opens. They come with a 3 year warranty assuring you resilience of service and great durability.


Some of its top features include:

1. Bestop powerboards are made of extruded aluminum, one of the world’s toughest metals for longevity of life and super service. They extrude at full length and can support up to 600 pounds on each of its sides.

Bestop power running boards
2. They are exceptionally easy to install. They come with high-quality powder-coated fasteners that greatly defy corrosion and an extension arm available that adds an unbelievable 2 inches of height for the higher SUV’s and trucks.

3. With its illuminating Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights, this bright technology makes your Bestop power board perfectly safe even for night time entrance into your car, whether in parking lot or the garage.

4. Bestop powerboards come with a non-slip double powder coated finish on the extruded aluminum for durability and sophisticated style.

5. Bestop powerboards are fit with an Anti-Pinch technology. This allows it to sense resistance, and prevents the door from closing on obstructions such as your hand, leg or even the Jeep’s belt.

By: Sean Bowes
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